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Here at St. Marcus Fine Foods, we’re all about food.

With over three decades of experience in butchery under our belt, we think we’ve earned our stripes when it comes to preparing meat. Not to mention our history with curing and crafting top quality Biltong, Droëwors, and Stokkies. We’ve taken the same level of care we apply to our own products, to find recipes that will compliment them. After all, food should be a celebration and how better than to marry flavours together in glorious harmony.


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10th May 2017
Melkkos »

The South African staple food, Melkkos (or milk food, if we must translate) is a creamy delicacy that will make the perfect breakfast-in-bed on a gloomy morning. Ingredients: 2 litres

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9th May 2017
The Gatsby »

If you went to my college, this was a lunchtime tradition. Whether it was a Cape Town thing, a broke college student thing, or perhaps just a CTI College thing,

Read recipeHome-made Monkey Gland Sauce
4th May 2017
Home-made Monkey Gland Sauce »

No Monkeys were harmed in the making of this delicious Home-made Monkey Gland Sauce! It goes perfectly with burgers, chips, steaks, chicken… the list goes on! Ingredients oil for frying

Read recipeKalahari Biltong Salad
30th April 2017
Kalahari Biltong Salad »

The rise in temperature requires some shorts and shirts as well as a change in menu. We can wave goodbye to hearty stews, soup days and rich-dishes and say hello

Read recipeScrumptious Easter Hot Cross Buns
22nd April 2017
Scrumptious Easter Hot Cross Buns »

What would Easter be without melt-in-your-mouth Hot Cross Buns. Nothing beats the aroma these bring to Easter; not to mention the hint of spice of a buttery, toasted bun. Why

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29th March 2017
Classic Vetkoek »

 South African Vetkoek aka Fat Cake, crispy outside and warm and fluffy inside filled with minced curry. This is the definition of an oldie but a goodie, and making your own vetkoek

Read recipeIrish Coffee
21st March 2017
Irish Coffee »

Since Ms Lyn Hancher mentioned Irish Coffee, and the lack thereof, on Facebook, we launched a minor investigation – needless to say, we came up short. We really couldn’t find

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8th March 2017
Boere Breyani »

The weather isn’t cold enough for a bowl of hot stew with the fireplace on, or hot enough for a good old fashioned braai. So, that leaves us with this deliciousness! What can be better than adding some juicy boerewors into some breyani rice- perfect!

Read recipeCape Malay Pickled Fish
27th February 2017
Cape Malay Pickled Fish »

Cape Malay Pickled Fish is a traditional Cape Malay favourite. Beautifully, flaky fish that’s packed with flavour and a hint of spice. It’s the kind of recipe that is handed

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21st February 2017
South African Date Squares »

Remember your granny making these when you were a little kid? The soft brownie texture, the sweetness of the fruit and the crumble of the biscuit base is sure to