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Here at St. Marcus Fine Foods, we’re all about food.

With over three decades of experience in butchery under our belt, we think we’ve earned our stripes when it comes to preparing meat. Not to mention our history with curing and crafting top quality Biltong, Droëwors, and Stokkies. We’ve taken the same level of care we apply to our own products, to find recipes that will compliment them. After all, food should be a celebration and how better than to marry flavours together in glorious harmony.


Read recipeSouth African Chutney Chicken
9th November 2016
South African Chutney Chicken »

A fruity, creamy chicken dish that’s comforting and will surely impress all your South African friends.

Read recipeFragrant South African Bobotie
2nd November 2016
Fragrant South African Bobotie »

Bobotie’s like sunshine in a bowl. It’s a warm, golden delicacy that’s comforting and will leave you completely satisfied.

Read recipeCreamy Biltong Sauce Pasta
6th October 2016
Creamy Biltong Sauce Pasta »

Looking for comfort food? This Creamy Biltong Sauce Pasta is easy to make, tasty and perfect for cooler nights.

Read recipeTraditional South African Boereboontjies
22nd August 2016
Traditional South African Boereboontjies »

Traditional South African Boereboontjies is a well-seasoned blend of fresh green beans and fluffy mashed potato. It’s a must at a Sunday Roast.

Read recipeButtery Biltong & Cheese Scones
22nd August 2016
Buttery Biltong & Cheese Scones »

These Buttery Biltong & Cheese Scones are golden balls of goodness. Soft and cheesy with slivers of biltong. They’re perfect for any occasion.

Read recipe
22nd August 2016
South African Honey Crunchies »

These South African Honey Crunchies are traditional sweet treats. Made from fine oats and golden honey, this is sure to leave you wanting more.

Read recipeSouth African Buttermilk Rusks
22nd August 2016
South African Buttermilk Rusks »

These traditional South African Buttermilk Rusks are wonderful with your morning cuppa.

Read recipeScrumptious Biltong Tart
22nd August 2016
Scrumptious Biltong & Spinach Tart »

This Scrumptious Biltong & Spinach Tart is a full-flavoured biltong and spinach tart with a crumbling crust. Simple and quick to make, this is a winner.

Read recipeTraditional Hertzoggie Tarts
22nd August 2016
Traditional Hertzoggie Tarts »

These coconutty treats are a hit at ANY party or when you’re in the mood for something moreish. See the full recipe for Tradtional Hertzoggie Tarts here.

Read recipeRecipe of the Week: Curried Samp
22nd August 2016
Curried Samp »

Curried Samp is a traditionally South African meal which is best enjoyed with chakalaka.