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Droëwors (Drywors)

The story of our Droëwors (Drywors) goes back well over 30 years. Butcher, Emory St. Marcus, realized the longing for home delicacies among the large South African community living in London. So, with a recipe in hand, he set about developing the first authentic range of South African savoury delicacies. By using only the finest meat and an aromatic blend of herbs and spices, he created multi award-winning produce.

Our goods are made in our BRC certified factory in Surrey, but with a traditional recipe. The coriander-seed spiced dried sausages have always been an enjoyed flavour feast by food lovers.

Droëwors as an iconic and savoury South African in buttery Original Beef & Pork to unique flavour combos, such as Fruity Chutney Droëwors.

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