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Game Droëwors (Drywors)

Our Game Droëwors (Drywors) is made from minced Game steaks blended with aromatic herbs and spices. To be enjoyed as an easy snack packed full of protein! Because droewors is a dried version of the popular South African sausage, Game boerewors, (a delicious sausage spiced often with coriander seed) – you can’t go wrong! Our Game Droëwors is a rich source of iron and is high in protein, and contains less fat than Beef Droëwors . Benefits of eating Game is that it is low in cholesterol and free from hormones and antibiotics. Enjoying our Game Droëwors also means increased metabolic rate, enhanced muscle growth and a boost to your immune system.

Explore our delicious range of traditionally made Game Droëwors (also known as Game Drywors). We have Venison, Ostrich and Zebra options available. Available in 100g, 250g & 500g size options.

Once your Droëwors is open and ready to be enjoyed, be sure to consume within 3 days

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