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A traditional part of  South African cuisine, boerewors is more than just a sausage. All boerewors always contain at least 10% spices and 90% meat, either a traditional beef or pork mixture or one of our exciting new flavours – including venison, peri-peri and ostrich!

Perfect for grilling outdoors on your braai (or BBQ) you can also bake and shallow fry your boerewors without the need for additional fat, simply prick the boerewors with a fork and fry in its own juices.

Please note: As Original Boerewors, Beef Boerewors and Beef and Lamb Boerewors is our fastest-moving flavours, they are not frozen, so can be frozen once you receive the sausage. However, all other flavours are previously frozen and therefore cannot be refrozen.

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