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Beers & Ciders

South Africa’s favourite Beers & Ciders are available here! We have classic Ciders like Savanna Ciders. Savanna Dry, but you can drink it, and Light and Loco with a twist of Tequila. Another South African favourite has to be Hunter’s Cider: Gold with an irresistible sweet Apple twist and Dry for a more refined palate.

Saffas love their Beers, and we don’t have a shortage! Castle Lager – the original golden lager, Hansa Pilsener using the finest Saaz Hops giving it that unique hoppy aroma. More favourites in stock are Lion, Tafel, Windhoek, Amstel, Soweto Gold…there’s a beer for every taste!

Our Beers & Ciders are available bottled and in cans.

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