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Discover the irresistible allure of Brutal Fruit Cider in a delightful Strawberry flavour.

Brutal Fruit Cider is crafted with the finest ingredients, ensuring a superior taste experience.Enjoy them as a standalone refreshment or as a delightful addition to your favourite cocktails.

Indulge in the succulent and juicy goodness of ripe strawberries with Brutal Fruit’s Strawberry Cider. It’s like plucking the juiciest berries from the field and capturing their essence in a bottle. This flavour is a celebration of the classic strawberry’s natural sweetness, creating a cider that’s both luscious and invigorating.

Unleash your inner fruit lover and experience the bold and vibrant flavours of Brutal Fruit Cider. Embrace the brutal and savour the fruit!

Available in 275ml bottles

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Brutal Fruit Cider


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