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The Koo Creamstyle Sweetcorn is a staple in any South African household. It’s creamy, slightly sweet with a great crunch.

The Creamstyle Sweetcorn plays a big part on the braai table, so be sure to stock up for your next get together! Also perfect in an omelette, souffle, or spoon into halved butternuts (cooked) and cover with cheese. It works as a great as an accompaniment to any type of main course, this sweetcorn is loaded with sweet corn goodness. Enjoy South Africa’s favourite cream style sweetcorn hot or cold, either way it is simply delicious.

The Koo story begins over seventy years ago. Following the Great Depression in 1940 the Ko-operasie started canning peaches in an effort to uplift the local community. Following the success, the company expanded the range to include other fruits and vegetable. Our favourite, the Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce, came in 1945, right before Koo introduced their travelling caravan in 1946. The 60’s saw Koo travelling around the world – spreading the goodness. Fast forward to 2016 and Koo has won various awards for their great tasting products and their ever expanding range. Of which the Koo Creamstyle Sweetcorn is part of.

Available in 420g tins

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Koo Creamstyle Sweetcorn


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