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Maynards Wine Gums has become a South African staple. These retro fruit flavoured gums has been enjoyed by generations of South Africans, since they’re chewy and fruity. These delicious fruit-flavoured chewy sweets are made in a variety of dazzling colours. Wine Gums makes for the perfect cinema snack, lunchboxe treat or TV binge watching snack when you’re chilling at home.

Although they’re called ‘wine’ gums, they are not made with wine. Some candy historians maintain that wine gums were indeed made with wine at one point, though certainly not any more. Having an entire pack to yourself, or going on an all-out binge, will not get you tipsy. Whether you’re trying them for the first time or reliving childhood sweetshop memories, you’re bound to find your favourite colour.

In 1909, Charles Gordon Maynard struggled to convince his father, Charles Riley Maynard that wine gums didn’t actually contain wine! Luckily for us, his father bit – excuse the pun – and one of our favourite sweeties were born. Now, South Africans everywhere love getting their hands on a roll of Maynards Wine Gums. Although Maynards was originally manufacturing in the UK, it has since moved to South Africa after being bought by Beacon.

Available in a 39g roll

Maynards Wine Gums (39g)


Available in a 39g roll

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Maynards Wine Gums has become a South African staple. Perfect at the cinema, lunchboxes or even just when you’re chilling at home.

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