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Stoney Ginger Beer Canned Drinks is a full-bodied, non-alcoholic beer with a hint of spice.

Founded in 1971, Stoney Ginger Beer Canned Drinks pioneered Ginger Beer products. Becoming a favourite among many, the brand developed into something more than just a drink. It started representing a certain way of life. Now, 40 years later, Stoney is still leading the way for ginger beer in South African, but it will always remain the first and favourite for many people.

Fancy using Stoney in a cocktail? Here’s a recipe for a Moscow Mule:

50ml vodka
125ml Stoney Ginger Beer
Dash of lime juice

Fill a glass with ice, before pouring the vodka and lime juice in. Mix well and top off with your ginger beer.

Available in 300ml

Stoney Ginger Beer Canned Drinks (300ml)


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