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16th April 2014
Custom tags extended functionality »

WordPress doesn’t provide as many functions for handling custom taxonomies as it does it’s standard taxonomies so I’ve created some additional functions to give better support for tagging in all

16th April 2014
Excerpt Function »

So this template runs a custom excerpt function, you simply call excerpt($length); to return the content trimmed to your length. It also does some cool things like respect paragraphs which

15th April 2014
API Integrations »

There’s a whole lot of API’s out there, while I’m personally familiar with a few, it’ll be worth exploring some of the different API’s and creating some mock features. This

15th April 2014
Feature Wish List »

There’s a few things that we could build onto the stock site, quite generic features that could apply to more sites that we’re likely to build in the future. Testimonials

15th April 2014
Minor Updates »

Not yet done but this template was used to create another site, SW. So I’ll need to bring back some of the template improvements from the project. On my list

18th March 2014
WordPress Slider »

This template was used to create its first website, the SPS website. During the build of the SPS site there were some minor improvements to the template so in order

10th March 2014
PHP Libraries »

As this theme is starting to do some pretty big things it’s including more libraries. That’s okay though, for the amount of libraries we’ve included such as: Facebook, Twitter, Campaign Monitor

27th February 2014
Benchmark Today »

As the theme currently stands the generation stats are: Total Load Time: 0.3787seconds avg. Site Load Time 0.1668seconds avg. Profile Overhead: 0.2119seconds avg. Plugin Load Time: 0.0061seconds avg. Theme Load Time: 0.0458seconds avg. Core Load

10th February 2014
Functions.php »

The functions.php file has been modified a lot, mostly everything that was previously in that one file has been separated out into their own files. There has also been a

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