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Benchmark Today

27th February 2014

As the theme currently stands the generation stats are:

Total Load Time: 0.3787seconds avg.
Site Load Time 0.1668seconds avg.
Profile Overhead: 0.2119seconds avg.
Plugin Load Time: 0.0061seconds avg.
Theme Load Time: 0.0458seconds avg.
Core Load Time: 0.1092seconds avg.
Number of PHP ticks: 37 calls avg.
Memory Usage: 14.88 MB avg.
MySQL Queries: 46 queries avg.

p.s. This is generation times, not load times which will be determined by total page size, number of resources, hosting provider and end-user internet speeds.


The biggest achievement here is the theme load time, in most WP installs that’s normally the stat that takes the longest (usually 0.3 to 0.4 seconds on a good build)

That’s what all my development time goes into so having optimized it down to 0.04 seconds is a pretty big deal especially considering that this theme does quite a lot of stuff already.