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7th October 2014
Debug Mode »

So I’ve introduced debug mode to our theme, I’ve been working to resolve just over 60 PHP notices so far. I’ll probably keep debug mode on for a little while

6th October 2014
IM Updates & Development »

Yet another round of updates from one of our latest sites to go live and some additional development. Updates System email introduced Better  form collection process Updates to php-functions (minor bugs

8th July 2014
PP Updates »

Another site used the stock theme and this one had a lot of work, however a lot of this was project specific so I really need to have a look

29th May 2014
Quizzes »

We’re now doing quizzes – see below…

13th May 2014
Social Sharing as Standard »

Social sharing is now a standard feature with this theme, there are also config options to toggle social sharing on and off for pages/posts. All in all a really useful

13th May 2014
DHLD Updates »

While the DHLD project didn’t use this stock theme, it did use elements from here such as the twitter feed, it would be great to bring those styles back into

16th April 2014
Generic Errors on WP login page »

Wordpress likes to give away too much info by default like telling you if a username is exists or not. I have removed that and replaced any incorrect logins with

16th April 2014
Images in RSS feeds »

We know people are using RSS feeds less and less. However, for those that do we can make the RSS feed a little nicer. I’ve added featured images to the

16th April 2014
High Quality JPG Images »

WordPress will often compress images that are uploaded, however it doesn’t compress it to 100% quality. I have now update the template to force WP to always compress images with

16th April 2014
Always show the editor toolbar »

As standard WordPress doesn’t show the toolbar to edit really important things like: header, underlines, colours etc. but these are really useful and should be on as standard. That’s what

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