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30th July 2023
How to Cook Boerewors »

Boerewors, a thick South African sausage, is not just a delicious delicacy but also an essential part of our cultural heritage. The name “boerewors” is derived from Afrikaans, where “boere”

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20th July 2023
What is Boerewors? »

What is Boerewors? Lots of people without any South African connections do not know what Boerewors is. So here is the lowdown on a very tasty sausage, hugely popular on

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17th April 2022
3 Boerie Recipes you HAVE to try! »

There is nothing better than the smell of a braai and a boerewors roll in your hand. It’s always a winner amongst South Africans and Brits. In this week’s blog

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22nd August 2018
Flash Sale! Valid until Tomorrow 23 Aug 2018! »

The HEAT must be getting to us, as we are giving 15% off on some of our most popular Products, just so that you can enjoy your upcoming Summer Bank

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16th May 2018
What is the best way to braai boerewors? »

In the heart of South African culinary traditions, boerewors holds a special place as a cherished sausage enjoyed during social gatherings and traditional braais. The secret to mastering the art

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23rd March 2018
A B B Brilliant Easter special. »

Easter is just around the corner and we have a great special for you. All starting with a B – Beer, Briquettes and Boerewors  I can hear the fires cracking and

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