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Read moreBiltong and wine pairing
28th January 2021
Biltong and Wine Pairing »

From cheese to chips, wine can be paired with nearly any snack or food items. So let’s combine South Africa’s two favourite things; Biltong and Wine. This guide will help

Read moreCan Alcohol Expire?
20th January 2021
Can Alcohol Expire? »

How long can I keep alcohol for? Knowing how long is too long, is often crucial to ensure optimum liquor in your cabinet. So can alcohol expire? Technically… no –

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12th January 2021
What’s so important about Grass Fed Beef? »

What is the difference between corn-fed and grass-fed beef? Here at St Marcus, we’re big on meat. But not just any meat, it has to be grass fed. But what’s

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3rd July 2020
Biltong – made the best way »

SHOP FOR BILTONG NOW Not only is our Award-Winning Original Beef Biltong made from grass fed Beef Silverside, but it tastes remarkable. Considering it’s made from a mix of fragrant

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22nd March 2020
A Statement on Meat Products and Deliveries »

Dear Valued Customer, due to the current COVID-19 situation we cannot guarantee next day delivery and therefore had to remove all our fresh meat from our Butchery Section. All Dried

14th December 2018
December delivery times »

Dear Customers Due to high demand from Dec to Jan the 4th, you might unfortunately experience delays in the delivery of your parcel.  We appreciate each and every order and

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22nd August 2018
Flash Sale! Valid until Tomorrow 23 Aug 2018! »

The HEAT must be getting to us, as we are giving 15% off on some of our most popular Products, just so that you can enjoy your upcoming Summer Bank

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16th May 2018
What is the best way to braai boerewors? »

What is the best way to braai boerewors? The best way to braai boerewors is over gentle coals. Keep turning the boerewors so that one side of the casing does

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9th May 2018
South Africa, with its 11 official languages »

Every country has its peculiar turns of phrase – quirks that give local languages flavour, colour and character. But unless you’re a native speaker, local slang can be a tricky to

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19th April 2018
What is your cut of meat »

Cheat sheet to your cut of meat. In just one cow, there are dozens of cuts waiting to make it to your dinner table, and all of them are different

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