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What do we mean by ‘Soft or Hard’ biltong

10th December 2021 tagged biltong, dry, fatty, hard, lean, medium, soft, wet

south african biltong sliced on a cutting board

How to choose the perfect biltong

When it comes to choosing your biltong, it can be a bit overwhelming with the choice of soft, medium or hard biltong and fatty or lean. So today, we’re going to explain what all this means to find your perfect biltong!

Soft or Hard Biltong

Soft/Hard means how much moisture you like in your biltong. During the drying process, meat loses weight as it looses moisture. The amount of water loss depends entirely on how “wet” or “dry” the Biltong lover prefers the end product. At St Marcus, we have all of the variants ready for you to pick the biltong that YOU love.

For those who prefer Biltong so dry that it flakes into dust when breaking it into portions- you’ll experience much greater loss of weight than those preferring it “wet”. This is what we refer to as “dry” on the drop-down option.

Typically, most people prefer the medium texture, so if you’re buying biltong as a gift and are unsure of what the recipient prefers, then medium a safe choice.

Lean biltong next to fatty biltong on cutting board

Fatty or Lean Biltong

Then we have the options of fatty or lean; that’s exactly what it sounds like! Do you like your biltong with fat or without fat?

Some Biltong lovers say that biltong isn’t biltong without fat on it, as it gives a delicious flavour and depth to the snack. Others that are on diets or just prefer a leaner taste to their meats will say that fat is a big no-no. It’s all up to the individual, so we have a helpful drop down menu for you to decide which is your perfect piece.

As a general rule of thumb, just think about how you like your steaks? Essentially, biltong is a big dried steak, and if you like your steak rare, medium or well done, the same texture is applied to biltong.

Getting hungry? Here’s our award-winning original biltong. You can choose exactly how you like your biltong, soft medium or hard and fatty or lean!

So, how do you prefer your biltong? Tell us!

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