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Iced Rooibos Tea with Raspberries & Mint

21st March 2022

There’s nothing better than a cold, refreshing glass of iced tea! And when you’re a South African, you’ll enjoy Rooibos to quench your thirst. It’s considered a herbal tea and if you drink it plenty of health benefits can be enjoyed.


  • 1 litre (2pt) boiling waterIced Rooibos Tea with Raspberries & Mint
  • 4 Rooibos tea bags
  • Honey or sugar to taste
  • Raspberries
  • Mint
  • Ice



  1. Place 4 Rooibos tea bags in a jug.
  2. Fill with boiling water.
  3. Allow to brew for 8-10 minutes.
  4. Remove teabags.
  5. Add honey or sugar to taste, if desired.
  6. Add raspberries and mint leaves and leave to cool.
  7. Serve in a jug with lots of ice.