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Crafted with passion by Jan Braai, South Africa’s barbecue connoisseur, this sauce is your gateway to a world of rich, smoky, and well-balanced South African taste.

Jan Braai Potjie Sauce is a captivating blend of South African ingredients, expertly combined to deliver a bold, smoky base complemented by an array of aromatic spices. It’s not just a sauce; it’s a voyage into the heart of South African cuisine.

This versatile sauce opens doors to countless possibilities. Whether you’re marinating meats to infuse them with South African flair, basting for a grilled masterpiece, or simmering hearty stews and potjiekos, Jan Braai Potjie Sauces elevate your dishes to an unforgettable level.

Whether you’re an experienced chef or an aspiring home cook, this sauce takes you on a culinary adventure filled with tradition, flavour, and memorable moments around the table. Elevate your cooking and embrace the taste of South Africa with Jan Braai Potjie Sauce.

Available in 400ml

Jan Braai Potjie Sauce


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