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Unlock the true essence of South African braai with Jan’s bespoke Prego Braai Basting Sauce, expertly crafted by the legendary Jan himself, a master of all things braai. This remarkable sauce brings Jan’s personal recipes and extensive experience straight to your grill, ensuring a foolproof and unforgettable braai every time.

Jan’s Prego Braai Basting Sauce is your secret ingredient for culinary success, ideal for enhancing the flavors of steak, chops, chicken, pork, boerewors, and vegetables. It’s also a must-have for the classic ribs and wings, transforming ordinary dishes into mouthwatering, smoky masterpieces.

Elevate your next braai experience with Jan Braai Sauce and savour the taste of South Africa’s grill master in every bite. Your braai will never be the same again!

Available in 750ml

Jan Braai Basting Sauces


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