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With Hansa Pilsener Lager, each sip is refreshingly crisp. Made from the Saaz Hop, Hansa has hints of a spicy aromatic flavour.

This refreshing and flavourful brew that embodies the essence of quality craftsmanship. Brewed with dedication and expertise, this pilsner beer offers a delightful drinking experience. With its golden hue and fine, frothy head, Hansa Pilsner entices the eye. The aroma reveals hints of malt, hops, and a subtle citrus note. Every sip delivers a crisp and clean taste, with a well-balanced blend of malt sweetness and hop bitterness. Whether enjoyed on a hot summer day or as a rewarding treat after a long day’s work, Hansa Pilsner is the perfect companion.

Hansa’s story begins back in 1980, when they first introduced their Hansa Pilsener Lager. Known as ‘the one that refreshes’ this Pilsener kept doing just that for the past 35 years and more. Although the bottle has changed slightly since the 80’s, and the slogan with it, Hansa has always focused on it’s ability to refresh. Especially perfect for hot South African summers, Hansa made people believe that it was the only Pilsener that could keep you refreshed.

Raise a glass, savor the smoothness, and appreciate the refreshing character of Hansa Pilsner Beer. Cheers to moments well spent!

Available in 330ml single bottles or 6 packs

Hansa Pilsener Bottles (330ml) 6 pack


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