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Embrace the unique flavours of South Africa with Fynbos Smoked Aubergine Spread, a gourmet delight handcrafted with fire-roasted aubergines, fragrant fynbos herbs, and a touch of smoky magic.

Use this versatile spread is perfect to add depth and smokiness to dips, sauces, and dressings or elevate sandwiches and wraps.


  • Toast smeared with Fynbos Smoked Aubergine Spread, topped with creamy goat cheese and fresh figs for a vibrant appetiser.
  • Sandwiches bursting with flavour, featuring succulent roasted chicken, crisp lettuce, and a generous dollop of the smoky spread.
  • Pasta dishes brought to life with a swirl of Fynbos Aubergine Spread, adding depth and complexity to your sauce.
  • Vegetable platters enhanced, with crudités dipped in the smoky spread for an irresistible twist.

Available in 140g 


Fynbos Smoked Aubergine Spread


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