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6th April 2021
Biltong. What is the stuff anyway? »

WHAT IS BILTONG? It is a question we always get asked and one we never get tired of answering. Why? Because the stuff is good, its damn good. In fact,

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28th January 2021
South African Lingo! »

South African Lingo, man! Have you ever actually taken a step back and realised what weird and funny things South Africans say and do?  I am South African myself, however

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7th March 2017
11 Facts Most South Africans DON’T KNOW about South Africa »

We’d all like to think we’re clued up on our homeland, wouldn’t we? Well, here at St. Marcus we’re going to try and throw you off that notion and list

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28th February 2017
Just Say Braai! »

Say Braai and every South African will tell you that it’s more than just grilled meat – it’s a culture, a way of living, a lot more than just a

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21st February 2017
Let’s Talk Nutritional Value of Biltong »

We can all agree that biltong tastes delicious – no protest. This culinary delight has invaded European, American and Australian markets in recent years. But what about the nutritional value? Let’s talk

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24th January 2017
Pap: the perfect South African winter warmer »

Pap: the perfect South African winter warmer. Who’d dare to disagree?!  Porridges are high on the list when it comes to traditional South African meals. Made by boiling ground, crushed,

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