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11 Facts Most South Africans DON’T KNOW about South Africa

7th March 2017 tagged biltong, blog, facts, food, foodie, south africa

We’d all like to think we’re clued up on our homeland, wouldn’t we? Well, here at St. Marcus we’re going to try and throw you off that notion and list 15 Facts that even the proudest of South Africans were surprised by!
  1. South Africa has the second most official languages in the world.
    South Africa ranked second against India, which actually has 23 official languages.
  2. Can you name the THREE capitals of South Africa?
    Pretoria is the Executive Capital, Cape Town the Legislative Capital and Bloemfontein the judicial Capital.
  3. SA has the longest wine route in the world!
    Route 62 boasts a beautiful setting going through Calitzberg, Worcester and Oudtshoorn. Did you know you can even ride an Ostrich there? (Maybe a good idea to do the ostrich ride before the wine tasting.)
  1. The highest bungee jumping bridge is in Garden Route.
    This adrenaline junkie’s dream bridge sits above Bloukrans River. The 216 metre bridge is part of the N2 Highway that connects Cape Town with Durban.
  2. South Africa is home to the second highest waterfall in the world, the Tugela Falls.
    Step aside, Niagra Falls, the 948 metres drop that is Tugela Falls is part of the Royal Natal National Park in the Drakensberg mountains
  1. South Africa has hosted the football (2010), cricket (2003) and rugby (1995) world cups.
    It is the only country in the world other than England to have done so.
  2. South African brewery SABMiller ranks, by volume, as the largest brewing company in the world. SABMiller also supplies up to 50% of China’s beer.
  3. The oldest remains of modern humans were found in South Africa and are over 2.8 million years old.
    This ancient find consequently solidified the theory that all humans derived from Africa. This first human showed to be 5ft tall with the brain the size of an orange!
  4. South Africa is extremely rich in mining and minerals and is therefore considered the world’s leader with nearly 90% of all the platinum metals on earth and nearly 50% of all the world’s Gold!
    If you’re wondering who ranked second in mining, it’s Russia!
  5. Although South Africa is a democratic country,  is the King of the Zulu Nation, and as a result has a grand total of 27 kids and 6 wives!
  6. Finally, South Africa is the only country in the world to build and then decide to dismantle the whole of its nuclear weapons programme.
    Peace and love, man, peace and love.
Now if these facts got you in an inquisitive mood, go ahead and check out the history of St Marcus!