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Traditional South African Boereboontjies

14th January 2024


South African Boereboontjie is a cherished side dish that embodies the essence of traditional cooking. Translating to “farm beans” in Afrikaans, this humble yet hearty delight features tender green beans embraced by a savoury blend of tomatoes, onions, and spices. Rooted in the farm kitchens of South Africa, Boereboontjies brings the simplicity and robust flavours of locally sourced ingredients to every meal, making it a staple on family tables and a symbol of South African hospitality.

Versatile and flavourful, traditional South African Boereboontjies complements any occasion, whether accompanying a braai, enhancing a Sunday roast, or shining as a standalone dish. Sautéed to perfection, the green beans offer a medley of tastes that transport you to the heart of South African home cooking. Experience the celebration of South African culture and the warmth of hospitality as you savor the authentic flavours of Boereboontjies, a true culinary gem that adds a touch of tradition to your table. Stay tuned for upcoming recipes, where we’ll guide you through creating this South African masterpiece in your own kitchen.


Ingredients for Traditional South African Boereboontjies:

500g green beans with the tops and tails cut off – slice them into diagonal pieces
1 chopped medium onion
1 crushed clove of garlic crushed
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 large potatoes – the recipe works best if they are floury
20g butter
salt & pepper


Start by heating the olive oil in a large frying pan, before adding your onion in to sauté. Once soft, add the garlic to it and fry for another minute.
Next, add the beans to the onion and mix well. Keep on the heat until the beans start to stick and add just enough water to cover the base of the pan. Decrease the heat and let it simmer.
Continue with the potatoes in the meantime, peeling and then boiling them until soft. Usually this takes around 20 minutes. Mash the potatoes in a bowl, adding the butter and then milk until it’s creamy.
Once the water has evaporated and the beans are ready, add the beans to the mash and crush the beans into the potato.
Add salt and pepper as desired and serve.