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South African Potbrood

21st February 2022

South African Potbrood

Potbrood is a traditional bread that was made by the Boer settlers in South Africa. It was made in a cast-iron pot that was then placed in a pit lined with hot coals to emulate an oven. Get your Potjie Pot out and prep this showstopper!


Ingredients for the dough

  • All-purpose flour (4 cups)
  • Sugar (1 teaspoon)
  • Salt (1 teaspoon)
  • Vegetable oil (30ml)
  • Warm water (2 cups)
  • Instant dried yeast (20 grams)

Ingredients for the sweet topping

  • Brown sugar (1 cup)
  • Fresh or tinned cream (1 cup)


  • Sift the flour into a large mixing bowl. Add sugar salt and the yeast to the flour.
  • Mix well and make a hole in the middle of the flour mixture.
  • Add water and oil into the hole and mix well.
  • Knead until soft. Rub some oil on the dough and place it in a well-oiled bowl.
  • Cover with a plastic wrap and leave it to rise to double size.
  • Once the dough has doubled in size, punch it down.
  • Place it in a well-buttered pot with a lid. Place the pot on cooled down coals.
  • Cover the lid with hot coals to ensure you get that sweet crisp crust.
  • Once the dough has risen, stir together the sugar and the cream and pour the mixture over the dough. Leave to cook for one hour and thirty minutes.