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Fragrant South African Bobotie

2nd November 2016

Gorgeous Bobotie from Port & Fin

Gorgeous Bobotie from Port & Fin

So, it’s about time we unlocked the recipe to this national treasure! Bobotie’s like sunshine in a bowl. It’s a warm, golden delicacy that’s comforting and will leave you completely satisfied. Adopted as a Cape Malay dish, Fragrant South African Bobotie is wonderfully seasoned.

Ingredients for Fragrant South African Bobotie:

1 fairly thick slice of decrusted bread (white or brown)
375ml milk
25ml oil
10ml butter
2 onions, sliced
2 cloves garlic, crushed
25ml Cartwright’s curry powder
10ml salt
25ml Mrs Balls Chutney
15ml All Gold Super Fine apricot jam
15ml Worcester sauce
5ml turmeric
25ml Safari brown vinegar
1 kg raw mince
100ml sultanas
3 eggs
pinch each salt and turmeric
bay leaves


First thing’s first; preheat your oven to 180°C. Then get a bowl

Next, grab a bowl and empty the milk into it, before dropping your bread in. Soak the slice while you heat the oil and butter in a large pan. Fry up your onions and garlic, taking care not to burn it and add the curry, salt, chutney, apricot jam, Worcester sauce, turmeric and vinegar into the mixture once the onions are soft; mixing well.

Once you’re done with the onion mixture, mash your bread and add to the pan. It’s time to mix in the mince and sultanas as well. Keep the milk in the bowl, you’ll use it later. Cook everything together in the pan over a low heat, stirring occasionally until the mince browns.

Remove your pan from the heat and add a beaten egg to the mixture, before emptying the contents into a 28 x 16 cm dish. Level the top of the mixture, ensuring a nice even surface for better presentation. Now’s the time to use that milk we had you set aside – simply beat your remaining two eggs in with salt and turmeric, before pouring it over your meat mixture and bake for 1 hour or until set.
TIP: Put your baking dish into a large pan of water when baking – this prevents the bobotie from drying out.

Serve on a bed of rice with plenty of Mrs Balls at the ready. Also top with coconut, nuts and bananas for an authentic taste experience.

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*Credit: Beautiful image of bobotie from Port & Fin, which you’d be able to see here.