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Creamy Amarula Dom Pedro

22nd August 2016

Creamy Amarula Dom PedroDom Pedro’s always bring back fond memories of family dinners at Spur. Once a month, we’d go out for a Saturday treat. This gave my mum a break from cooking and also filled our quota of ‘quality time’, which was difficult to find considering I grew up with two much older brothers, my gran, and mum. So, whenever our schedules aligned, we made our way to the local Spur and laughed and dined and almost always finished the night off with a creamy Amarula Dom Pedro. Great times!

Regardless of nostalgia, this is an absolute winner and will definitely impress friends and family at dinner parties!

Ingredients for your creamy Amarula Dom Pedro:

3 cups vanilla ice cream
¼ cup Amarula
½ cups heavy whipping cream
Cadbury milk chocolate or Peppermint Crisp for topping


There isn’t much to do this recipe at all.
Simply scoop your ice cream into a blender, before adding your Amarula and cream.
Blend well and divide into wine glasses.
Grate your chocolate over the top and serve with a short straw.
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Recipe adapted from Tasty Kitchen