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Creamy Amarula Dom Pedro

18th March 2021

Creamy Amarula Dom PedroA Dom Pedro is the most gorgeous blend between a cocktail and a grown up milkshake. Elevate your dinner party always finish the night off with a creamy Amarula Dom Pedro. Great times!

Ingredients for your Dom Pedro:

3 cups vanilla ice cream
¼ cup Amarula
½ cups heavy whipping cream
Cadbury milk chocolate or Peppermint Crisp for topping


amarula variantsThere isn’t much to do this recipe at all.
Simply scoop your ice cream into a blender, before adding your Amarula and cream.Blend well and divide into wine glasses.
Grate your chocolate over the top and serve with a short straw.


Want to make you Pedro a little more unique? Try one of Amarula’s new flavours.

The finish is just as important as the ingredients. After all, we eat with our eyes, don’t we?! Garnish your cocktail with the unique Amarula twist you added into it. Raspberry, coffee powder or vanilla sugar makes for a beautiful finish. Oh, and don’t forget to drip some chocolate syrup over the side of the cup for a truly indulgent look.