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The Wilson’s Champion Toffees have been enjoyed by South Africans for decades. It’s a long and trusted brand heritage among South Africans. These individually wrapped squares of toffees come in a variety of iconic flavours. Classic available such as banana, buttermilk, candy cola, fruit punch and original.

Bring a taste of South Africa in the palm of your hand. These chewy, tasty and very moreish, you can’t go wrong with a toffee! If you enjoy these then you’ll love Wilsons X.X.X

Wilson’s Champion Toffees story actually forms part of Nestlé’s grand history. The company was first started by Henri Nestlé in 1866, before going on to purchase Rowntree in 1998. This deal happened to include South-African based Wilsons-Rowntree. Together, Nestlé turned into the biggest chocolate and confectionery business in the industry. Wilson’s Toffees has become the most popular toffee in South Africa, since it was created in 1940.

Available in 10g

Wilson’s Champion Toffees (10g)


Available in 10g

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The Champion Toffees come in a variety of delicious flavours. Chewy, tasty and very moreish, you can’t go wrong with a toffee!


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