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“This showstopper celebrates the science and craftsmanship in gin making. Here, the overarching taste character comes from the fynbos species Cape May and Cape Chamomile (which turns a beautiful blue hue in distillation from azuline compounds). Making Sugarbird Juniper Unfiltered unique in flavour and looks.

With this gin variation, Sugarbird Juniper Unfiltered has returned to gin’s London Dry roots by celebrating juniper cones (called berries because of their shape and rich purple colour) both in flavour intensity. The craftsmen has created Africa’s first unfiltered gin with its purposefully deep purple colour coming from a combination of five fynbos species’ leaves and flowers, as well as blueberry skins. It looks spectacular in a glass, once mixed with tonic.”

Available in 500 ml

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Sugarbird Juniper Unfiltered Gin


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