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Loved by generations, Simba Ghost Pops Crisps are a light and crispy tomato maize snack in the shape of red fluffy ghosts. Hence, the name Ghost – but what makes them ‘pop’? Essentially roasted maize, coated in tomato and mixed with spices, herbs, and onions. A uniquely tangy, tomato-ish base with hints of chutney and spice, a combo that makes for a unique Saffa flavour. Add to the South African experience by enjoying ghost pops at your next braai as an accompaniment or evening snack, these Pops are the perfect way to spice things up.  Makes for a perfect complement to a cold drink, like Sparletta sodas, and an absolutely essential party snack.

The Simba Crisps started with a roar all the way back in 1957. This was where Mrs Greyvenstein planted the seed that would grow into the biggest snack company in South Africa. Interestingly enough, Ouma Greyvenstein was also the brains behind Ouma’s Rusks. This is how she first got the funds together and with the help of her son, Leon, they first brought the Simba chippie to life.

Did you know that Simba is now owned by PepsiCo? Yes, Simba is a subsidiary of PepsiCo.

Available in 100g

Simba Ghost Pops Crisps (100g)




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