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PVM Energy Bars are a dense but balanced composition of protein, carbohydrates and fat, enriched with 19 vitamins and minerals. PVM claim these nutritionally balanced bars enhance physical energy levels with the help of vitamins & minerals to boost your immune system. It makes for a tasty and filling bar formulated in accordance with the Prudent Dietary Guidelines which makes it a healthy snack in-between meals or an occasional meal replacement. Great to have in your handbag or pocket when on the move, for a healthier ‘pick me up’ snack than a chocolate bar.

As well as enhancing physical energy levels, it also brings about mental alertness, making it perfect for combating driving fatigue. So make sure to keep a couple in your glove compartment just in case!

Suitable for all ages since it’s great tasting, making it a convenient lunchbox complement. A healthy alternative to sweets for teenagers and growing children. Nutritious energy that’s also gluten free / wheat free /gelatine free. Contains no sweeteners and preservatives

Enjoy getting your vitamins from tasty sources? Try Super C for a treat packed with glucose and Vitamin C for a convenient sweet with an energy boost.

45 g bars

PVM Energy Bars (45g)


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