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Experience the timeless sophistication of Oude Meester VSOB Brandy. Combining the perfect harmony of tradition and innovation, this exquisite light golden brandy exemplifies exceptional quality. Makes for a fantastic gift, or an addition to the alcohol cupboard ready for an intimate drink with friends.

Since its launch in 1948, Oude Meester VSOB Brandy has been enjoyed by those who appreciate the finer things in life. An easy blend of tradition and innovation, this light golden brandy truly embodies outstanding Oude Meester quality. These days, world-famous movie star Idris Elba can be seen in adverts for the brand! And yes, that is indeed Benjamin Franklin on the label.

This exceptional brandy captivates connoisseurs with its velvety smoothness and rich, complex flavours. It works as a great accompaniment to dishes with bold flavours, such as braaied meats or spiced dishes. For a more casual and relaxed experience, why not enjoy the delightful combination of brandy in one hand and a stick of droewors in the other?

Available in 750ml

Oude Meester VSOB Brandy Liqueur (750ml)


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