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Otilia’s Home Made Vanilla Fudge is one of the most popular items in our stores. It’s a Saffa favourite since it’s so creamy, crumbly and sweet, it just melts in your mouth. Handmade with care from start to finish. Each square is indulgently sweet and delightful, following a traditional and authentic South African recipe. It’s a real taste of home! It goes perfectly with a cuppa in hand, so don’t forget your tea or coffee when settling down to indulge in your share of the square of homemade fudge.

Wondering what to get someone as a gift? Fudge is loved through the generations, so makes for the perfect present – it comes in a little package, so just add a ribbon or a bow to your homemade vanilla fudge and you have a lovely homemade gift to pass on to a friend (safffa or not) with a sweet tooth.

It’s sold as a solid single 55g block, but if you’re not one for sharing your sweet treats, then we recommend enjoying one per person. Approx. 55g (1 piece)

Did you know that Otilia also makes the most deliciously moist banana bread? Check it out here, it’s another fan favourite in our stores!

Approx. 55g (1 piece)

Actual product may vary from the image displayed.

Otilia’s Home Made Vanilla Fudge (approx. 55g)



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