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So pure, so crisp, so refreshing – treat your taste buds to the classic, crisp taste of Liqui-Fruit Juice Cans. It’s pure fruit goodness is the perfect way to refresh

A South-African favourite, this delicious fruit juice, made of 100% fruit. It is a great, convenient way to add extra goodness into your daily diet. Enjoy our range of fizz free canned juice bursting with flavour. Liqui-Fruit is produced and packaged in a large factory in the beautiful Ceres Valley in the Western Cape, two hours from Cape Town.

All of the fruit that goes into making the juice, is grown in their orchard, before being washed, sorted and mechanically pressed to preserve the best flavour in cartons. Furthermore, the Liqui-Fruit Juice Cans contain no preservatives and have no added sugar. The delicious sweet taste comes from natural fruit sugars: there is no added cane sugar. Moreover, the juices do not contain any preservatives. Their aseptic packaging technology and the process in which the juice is prepared makes it possible!

We also have Liqui-Fruit juice boxes! Perfect for a lunch box or car snack.

Available in 300ml cans

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Store in a cool and dry place. Refrigerate after opening and consume within 5 days.


Liqui-Fruit Juice Cans (300ml) (various)


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