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The Klipdrift Brandy range is exceptionally smooth; probably because of the care that goes into crafting a bottle of Export of Premium Klipdrift.

Best enjoyed neat, you can also mix Klipdrift Brandies with cola. For more brandies, click here.

The birth of Kosie Marias in the 1900’s is exactly where the Klipdrift Brandy story begins. This is when the boy, a descendant of French Huguenots, had to leave university to manage the farm after his father fell ill. Following this, Kosie started experimenting with the grapes he had available in the area. He knew this variety served well in the making of brandy. Bearing this in mind, he set up a distillery in the backyard and started the brandy-making process in 1921. It was at exactly 8.02pm on a day in 1938 that the first drop of Klipdrift was distilled. Thus, a legend was born in more ways than one.

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Klipdrift Brandies (various sizes)


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