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“An infusion of late summer blooms adds a green hue to the ever-delightful, South African Inverroche Gin.

Inverroche Distillery is an independent distillery nestled on the South African Coast and heavily inspired by its local flora. The name is representative of its location, with “Inver” being a reference to the convergence of Gou Kou River and the Indian Ocean, and “Roche” the French word for rock, and a nod to the limestone from which the distillery is built and many botanicals grown.

A fresh, modern spirit, Inverroche Gin Verdant uses a range of botanicals from South Africa, East Asia and Europe to create a fabulous blend of infusion and distillation. A gently herbaceous gin with a soft, elderflower sweetness, Inverroche Gin Verdant has an unusual, crisp briskness that is pleasantly tempered by a lingering, floral finish.”

Available in 750 ml

Inverroche Gin (750ml)


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