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Colmans Spray and Cook is a staple in many South African homes.

The Colmans Spray and Cook is a clever way to ensure that food is free from sticking. The great thing about it is that you don’t need to add anything oily. No butter. No oil. Instead, this lightweight spray is the only thing you’ll need to for baking and cooking. Not only is this easy-to-spray, non-stick agent economical and mess free, it is available in two healthy variants – Original and Olive Oil.

Simply spray a thin layer of Colmans on the surface of your pan or baking tin and let the Spray & Cook do the rest. It’s that simple and mess free!

Most diet plans allow you limitless use of Spray and Cook because the calorie count is so much lower than when using fat, butter or oil for cooking – and you can enjoy the flavour of food with no risk to heart health. Formulated for use in both microwave and conventional oven. It’s perfect for the whole family!

Available in 300ml cans

Colmans Spray & Cook (300ml)


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