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Briquettes usually have a longer, and they mostly burn with cooler heat. This makes BIG K Charcoal Briquettes ideal for indirect “low and slow” cooking, or closed appliance barbecues, where the extra time and cooler temperatures come into their own. Briquettes also make temperature control easier. Their consistent shape makes them easy to work with and to build the precise fire that you need.

Experience the magnificence of high intensity compression. BIG K Charcoal Briquettes are pressed in specialised moulds, creating a uniform shape and density. Meaning consistency and universal performance with every briquette – giving you greater control. These efficient and dependable guys burn hot and fast with little smoke or odour, delivering a clean, precise and sustainable way to enjoy easy grilling.

  • Low Smoke
  • Low Odour
  • Easy to Light
  • High Heat
  • Clean Burning

As if things couldn’t get any better, this briquette charcoal is FSC® certified. Basically this means that you can have an amazing BBQ and be kinder to the planet – all at the same time. FSC® certification indicates that the production and packing of this charcoal were carried out safely, legally, sustainably and ethically.

Available in 5kg bags

BIG K Charcoal Briquettes (5kg)


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