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Indulge in the enticing flavours of the Mediterranean with Bakers Salticrax Mediterranean Crackers. These expertly crafted crackers deliver a harmonious blend of crispiness and savory goodness, capturing the essence of sun-soaked herbs and aromatic spices characteristic of Mediterranean cuisine. With each bite, you’ll embark on a culinary journey to the vibrant landscapes of the region, where the perfect balance of flavours creates a delightful snacking experience.

Boasting an ideal combination of crispiness and substance, Bakers Salticrax Mediterranean Crackers are a versatile addition to any occasion. Whether paired with your favorite dips, cheeses, or spreads, or enjoyed on their own, these crackers offer a satisfying crunch that complements a variety of culinary companions. Perfect for casual gatherings or more refined affairs, experience the quality and dedication to excellence that defines Bakers in every flavorful bite. Elevate your snacking indulgence with these crackers that promise a taste of the Mediterranean in every moment.

Available in 200g

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Bakers Salticrax Medeteranian Crackers (200g)


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