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16th April 2014
Generic Errors on WP login page »

Wordpress likes to give away too much info by default like telling you if a username is exists or not. I have removed that and replaced any incorrect logins with

16th April 2014
Always show the editor toolbar »

As standard WordPress doesn’t show the toolbar to edit really important things like: header, underlines, colours etc. but these are really useful and should be on as standard. That’s what

16th April 2014
Custom tags extended functionality »

WordPress doesn’t provide as many functions for handling custom taxonomies as it does it’s standard taxonomies so I’ve created some additional functions to give better support for tagging in all

16th April 2014
Excerpt Function »

So this template runs a custom excerpt function, you simply call excerpt($length); to return the content trimmed to your length. It also does some cool things like respect paragraphs which

10th February 2014
Functions.php »

The functions.php file has been modified a lot, mostly everything that was previously in that one file has been separated out into their own files. There has also been a

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