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Our 2016 Christmas Wishes

23rd December 2016

Our 2016 Christmas WishesBefore we wave goodbye to 2016, St. Marcus would like to say a few more things; think of them as our 2016 Christmas Wishes. They’re mostly thank you’s, to you our fantastic customers who have supported us, shared laughs with us, and wholeheartedly joined in on every competition we’ve chucked your way.

Given the massive year St. Marcus has had – with a full-fledged rebrand behind us –  we are so happy to have shared the journey with all of you. Of course, a new year is all about looking forward, which is exactly what we’ll be doing. As always, we’ll be bettering ourselves, whilst continuing to grow and refine our new image.

More importantly, however, is our hope to see each and every customer back in the New Year, not only ordering from us (which we appreciate massively) but also growing our #BiltongPeople family on Social Media family. We want to form a community of Biltong lovers, so show us which flavour you’re having and where! Let’s have fun and talk about how much we love our billies.

Let’s take it one step at a time, though.  So for now, we’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a new year filled with joy, success and of course biltong – loads and loads of Biltong. Have a happy festive season and we’ll catch you in the New Year.

The St. Marcus Team

*If you need a reminder of our festive opening hours & delivery schedule, click here.