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Meet the Sheep: Lamb Cuts & Uses

1st March 2023 tagged Butchers Charts, Cuts of Lamb

meet the sheep - guide to cuts

Lamb isn’t for everyone. In fact, the St. Marcus Team is pretty divided on the subject. However, when you find the right cut from this versatile animal, it’s love at first bite. So with our ‘Meet the Sheep: Lamb Cuts & Uses’ guide to find delicious cuts like Loin Chops that are wonderful on the braai or in the pan.

Popular Cuts

Lamb Neck

meet the sheep - guide to cuts

Lamb neck is most commonly sold off the bone in small fillets, or sometimes diced as ‘braising lamb’. It’s a tough cut that needs very long, slow cooking – making it ideal for long, slow stews or curries.

Lamb Shoulder

meet the sheep - guide to cuts

This part of the animal works hard, so the meat from a lamb’s shoulder is full of flavour. It takes a while to become tender, but this means it’s a great choice for stewing and slow-roasting. To maximise the flavour, cook lamb shoulder on the bone so the meat simply falls apart when pulled with a fork.

Due to the longer cooking time of slow roast shoulder, it’s a good idea to cover it with foil to help retain moisture. Take the foil off for the last 30 minutes of the cooking time to let the skin crisp up.

Lamb Loin

meet the sheep - guide to cuts

The centre of the animal, this contains the most tender cuts of lamb meat and is usually presented cut into loin chops or whole as a loin roast. Full of tender meat. You can roast, grill, pan fry or braise. Try preparing with garlic and rosemary.

Our hugely popular Minted Lamb Loin Chops makes for an elegant dish that is fit for any special occasion.

Lamb Hind

The lamb hind is where lamb shanks come from, and is one of the most flavourful cuts of the lamb. Lamb shanks are almost always slow cooked in liquid to deliver flavour from the bone and pull-apart tenderness.


Our Beef and Lamb Boerewors, makes for a deliciously juicy ‘wors. Also available in thin casing for thin ‘wors.

If you enjoyed this guide Meet the Sheep: Lamb Cuts & Uses, but prefer other meats then see our blog Meet the ChickenMeet the Cow or Meet the Pig to explore cuts and how best to cook them.

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