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You Can Grill That? 7 Unexpected Braai Foods

10th October 2017

Yes, yes, yes, we know that grilling season isn’t exactly at it’s prime, but we’ll still be braaing come rain, shine or snow! And we’re all about putting just about anything on the braai we can dream up. Here are 7 things you never knew you could grill.

The trick is to braai your pizza base for a few minutes first, then adding your toppings and braaiing further until the cheese has melted.

Bread pudding
Follow any bread pudding recipe as is, but place it in a cast-iron flat pot, place over low coals with a  few coals on the lid and “bake” for about 30 to 40 min.

Using any left-over fish, make fish cakes and shallow fry in a cast-iron skillet over the fire.

Heat oil in a flat pot over the fire and fry your doughnut dough until cooked

Grilled Lemonade
What? Yes. Grilled citrus is delicious, smokey and super sweet.

Get creative and fill your avo with salsa, onions or sausages and grill!

And finally, a hack straight from US state fairs everywhere. Wrap a tortilla around a candy bar… and grill it!

So, what do you prefer, doughnuts, avos or even a candy bar!? Get social and let us know on our social media!
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