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Can Alcohol Expire?

20th January 2021 tagged best storage for alcohol, can alcohol expire, can alcohol go off, Fresh Products, how long to keep creamy liqueur for, Storage Tips

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How long can I keep alcohol for?

Knowing how long is too long, is often crucial to ensure optimum liquor in your cabinet. So can alcohol expire? Technically… no – the exception being a creamy liqueur like Amarula or Nachtmusick –  but brandy, rum & vodka are all susceptible to a deterioration in taste.

Have you ever noticed that not many South African Spirits come with expiry, or best before dates on them? That is most likely because they have a high enough alcohol percentage to keep from spoiling. However, you wouldn’t really want to risk having some of that Amarula you opened over Christmas, only to find it’s gone off. Which leaves you asking, ‘Can Alcohol Expire?’. With that in mind, here are the golden rules for storing your alcohol.