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“Created by Robertsons Winery, this hard to find Van Loveren chardonnay is a dry, well-balanced wine with clean citrus and light smokey and nutty tones on the palate.

Good with creamy pasta dishes, roast pork, veal, grilled fish, cape salmon, shellfish, chicken and creamy cheeses.

The story of Robertson Winery starts in the town of Robertson was established in 1852, and the vineyard 90 years later. The winery is a co-op with 40 members, specialising in slightly lighter wines, rather than the more traditional heavy-duty styles normally associated with South Africa. For Robertson, winemaking is a natural process and with the hands-on nature of life in the Robertson Valley, we see it unfold every day. From the soil it is grown in, the water that feeds the vine and the elements each harvest is exposed to, the grapes are the product of many influences before they are even turned into wine.”

van loveren chardonnay


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