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Laibach The Luck Bug is an everyday drink, to enjoy with the “lighter” things in life. This a rich red blend of 58% Cabernet Sauvignon, 32% Pinotage, 10% Petit Verdot.

Laibach proudly presents the first vintage of this wine. Well known for their full-bodied reds, well-structured and enough tannin to mature, but many people do not like to drink these wines every day. They decided to create something new, soft, and plumy with good fruit and almost no wood influence at all.

This wine is made from grapes grown on young vineyards which are in the process of conversion into organic. It is very carefully handled and fruit was our main priority. Fermented in open fermentation tanks, fermented colder than usual and to keep cap management to the minimum. Pressing is done earlier to avoid any extraction from the seeds, creating a deliciously rich aroma and great quality.

Good fresh colour with lovely violet and perfume characteristic. Soft plum with plenty of aromas of crushed berry and spice well that is supported with a light refreshing soft palate. A wine for everyday enjoyment which can also be served chilled with red meats, oxtail stew and other rich and meaty dishes.”

Laibach The Luck Bug 2009


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