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With delicious new wines and fresh vintages arriving by the month, St Marcus Fine Foods needs your help to clear the decks. This wine is on SALE!

“The Cloof blend – the soft berry fruits of Cabernet Sauvignon (44%), the structure and spice of Pinotage (29%), the gorgeous opulence of Shiraz (27%) – set against the sophisticated elegance of French Oak.

The nose is dominated by the Shiraz, giving pepper and spice along with bright cherry and raspberry fruit, and a touch of earthy, vegetal, Pinotage character. On the palate a very soft cloak of cedary oak flavours is layered over ripe, juicy cherry and black berry fruits, with plenty of black pepper and clove-like spice and a robust, earthy tannic structure. There is lovely freshness too, with good acidity and the bright fruit profile persisting.

A combination of red fruit and blackcurrant rich aromas with a touch of clove and spice on the nose. The fruit richness follows onto the palate with a soft tannin structure.”


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Cloof Bush Vines CPS


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