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Our Sweet & Spicy Chilli-Chutney Beef Stokkies are pencil thin strips of grass fed beef. Marinated in our secret recipe with just a touch of Mrs Balls Chutney and a hint of chilli.

The story of our Stokkies starts over 30 years ago. It was then that Butcher, Emory St. Marcus recognised the longing for home delicacies among the large South African community living in London. So, with a recipe in hand, he set about developing the first authentic range of Biltong, Droewors, and Stokkies. By using only the finest meat and an aromatic blend of herbs and spices, he created multi award-winning produce. What started with a core range of traditional beef products, later turned into a range with a number of flavour combinations. Each perfected over a number of tries to ensure a subtle infusion that packs a true flavour punch. One of which is the Sweet & Spicy Chilli-Chutney Beef Stokkies – a delicate balance between a fruity sweetness and zingy chilli.

Sweet & Spicy Chilli-Chutney Beef Stokkies



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