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Woolworths Cape Malay Curry is an aromatic blend of 14 spices that carry the flavour and the tradition of the Cape. It is essential in creating well known South African dishes such as biryani or bobotie. It has an authentic taste which will appeal not only  to those familiar with South African food tradition but also to those tempted to try it for the first time.  Cape Malay Curry is good for those who like their food healthy and delicious.

Cape Malay Curry is just one of the many great food products offered by Woolworths. The company has a chain of retail stores and franchises across South Africa. It is specialised in supplying its customers with fresh, healthy, traditional food. Soth African cuisine lovers in the UK and Europe also benefit from what Woolworths has to offer. For those willing to familiarise themselves with the rich South African tradition Woolworths is the right place to start.

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Woolworths Cape Malay Curry


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