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The Spice and All Things Nice Rice is a great alternative to the everyday whole grain rice. Aromatic and wonderfully tasty.

Spice and All Things Nice Rice comes in two great varieties. The Breyani rice is great when paired with Cape Malay Curry, while the Brown Basmati rice is ideal for diabetics – given the Low Glycaemic index.

The Spice and All Things Nice story starts here in Torquay, England. It was when the business owner travelled to England from South African to study macrobiotics, that she stumbled upon a fabulous Balti Curry. She loved it so much that she decided to spend her days creating her very own curry powders. Proofing them in her mother’s kitchen, she eventually found her perfect Balti and started growing the business. Now, the range can be found in all main supermarkets in South African, as well as here. It a bit like returning home, isn’t it?

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Spice and All Things Nice Rice


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